Wellpepper gives your health a kick

Wellpepper enables healthcare professionals to create custom treatment plans that patients follow on their mobile devices. Patients are notified when it’s time for their program by our patent-pending adaptive notification system, review their video and instructions and record results. They can communicate with their healthcare professional between visits to keep them on track.

When consumers are part of the record-keeping process, it can increase their understanding of conditionsimprove motivation and serve as a clear differentiator for clinical care. Kavan Safavi, MD, JD, Managing Director, Accenture

Wellpepper is clinically proven to increase adherence to home treatment programs and uses research-proven principles to help patients adhere to treatment plans:

  • Making the treatment plan personalized

  • Ensuring that the instructions are clear

  • Fostering the relationship between patient and provider

Wellpepper is used for surgical post-acute care, physical rehabilitation, and chronic disease management and loved by both patients and providers. We built Wellpepper to be as engaging for patients as popular consumer mobile health applications and as easy for healthcare professionals as providing verbal instructions.

Wellpepper is HIPAA-compliant and can integrate with electronic medical records. The Wellpepper Clinic application requires an iPad. Wellpepper patients can use an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet. 


Meet Us At These Upcoming Events

American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, 7-11 October, Toronto, Canada. See us at Booth 2138.

Boston University will also be presenting the results of their study using Wellpepper to remotely manage the health and activity of people with Parkinson’s disease.


See us at Booth 2138.