Wellpepper gives your health a kick

Wellpepper enables healthcare professionals to create custom treatment plans that patients receive on their mobile devices. Wellpepper uses research-proven principles to help patients adhere to treatment plans: making the treatment plan personalized, ensuring that the instructions are clear, and fostering the relationship between patient and provider. Patients tell us that Wellpepper’s adaptive notification system, and direct connection with their provider keep them on track.

Wellpepper is currently used for physical rehabilitation and chronic disease management and loved by both patients and providers.

“Wellpepper improves the quality of our healthcare, allowing us to stay more connected with our patients to achieve their goals more efficiently.” Noal Cattone, Anderson & Cattone Physical Therapy

“I love checking off my daily exercises and seeing how much I’ve done.” Derek H., Patient

Extend your reach outside the clinic with HIPAA-compliant messaging, custom video, and personalized instructions. Healthcare professionals prescribe custom video exercises with a few touches using an iPad application. Patients receive detailed instructions, reminders, and motivational prompts on their mobile devices to remember to do their exercises during the day, solving a huge issue with physical and occupational rehabilitation and recovery: getting people engaged in their recovery.

“When consumers are part of the record-keeping process, it can increase their understanding of conditionsimprove motivation and serve as a clear differentiator for clinical care.” Kavan Safavi, MD, JD, Managing Director, Accenture

“I know I haven’t been good at doing my exercises, but without Wellpepper, I would have done zero.” Chronic disease patient

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